Pareto University - Degree in Tourism

Course Details

The course is divided into three years. You must support 24 exams and a final thesis. Dean of the School is Professor Viviana Vannucci (Italy).

Course Structure

Study Options
I° Year II° Year
Disciplines pictorial
Tourism Science
Prehistoric Archaeology and Africa
Archaeology and Greek and Roman Art History
Economics and Marketing of Cultural Heritage
Art History of West 1
International law of Cultural Heritage
Theories and Techniques of archaeological excavation
Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
Archaeology and History of Islamic
Methodology and techniques of tourist photography
French language 1
English language 1
III° Year
History of Western 3
Tourism and corporate marketing
Natural Science
Tourism Geography
International Law of Tourism
French language 2
English language 2


Viviana Vannucci

Art History of West1

Uttam Kumar Karmakar

Disciplines pictorial

Claudia Giarrusso

Prehistoric Archaeology and Africa

Alessandro Porqueddu

Archaeology and Greek, Roman Art History