Pareto University - Degree in Journalism

Course Details

The course is divided into four years. We must support 21 exams, 2 stages and a final dissertation. Dean of the School is Prof. Isabella Lopardi (Italy) With this course, you have the opportunity to create a solid groundwork about journalism.

Course Structure

Study Options
I° Year II° Year
Workplace Culture & Behaviour
The Business and Social Science
Media Industries I
Broadcast & Online Production I
Media Analysis I
News Writing & Journalism
Media Industries II
Enterprise and Employability
Broadcast & Online Production II
Multi Level Governance
English advanced
Web programming techniques
III° Year IV° Year
The Enterprise Value Challenge
Business Research Methods and Skills
Media Analysis II
Discourse, Ideology and the Media
Specialist Reporting
Communications Law & Regulation
Media Project
Media Ethics


Isabella Lopardi

New writing and journalism

Ilona Eveleens

Workplace Culture - Behaviour

Nausheena Mahomed

Broadcast - Online Production

Erika Dias

Media Analysis

Eloi Bela Ndzana

Media Industries

Sonia Terzino

Business and Social science