Informatic Engineering

Pareto University - Degree in Informatic Engineering

Course Details

The Course Degree in Informatics Engineering (Computer Engineering) prepares students to practice as a Computer Engineer 

The Course Degree in Informatics Engineering combines advanced training in aspects of Direction and Management of IT projects with other aspects of Information Technology. This training program aims to fulfil its objective by training professionals who are competent to practice as computer engineers.

The Course Degree is made up of 240 ECTS credits. The language of lessons are English and French. The duration of the Degree Course is four years, composed by 25 exams and a final dissertation. Below the list of courses 

The evaluation scheme of the grades in the individual exams is expressed as a percentage value between a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100. Is not expected the possibility to repeat the exam. Is expected a monthly appeal for each courses but the student can sustain the exam only one time.

Summarizing, the general rules for the students are three:

1) the students can give the exam of the course only one time;

2) the student is obliged to sustain all the exams expected in a year course within 12 month following his enrollment;

3) if the student fails to give all the exams in the time expected, the exams not sustained are considered valid with 0 like result (that obviously is computed in the average of votes)

The student that get an average vote less than 40% can not graduate.

Concerning the final vote the scale is the follow:

First-class Honours (1st) = 100

Second-class Honours, upper division (2:1) = 90-100

Second-class Honours, lower division (2:2) = 70-99

Third-class Honours (3rd) =50-69

Ordinary-Degree (Pass) = 40-49




Course Structure

Study Options
I° Year II° Year
1 - Computer Architecture
2 - Statistics
3 - Operating systems
4 - English for IT
5 - Physic
6 - Software engineering
7 – Mathematics 1
8 - Database
9 - Fundamentals of Business Economics
10 - Internet technologies
11 - Electronic Physics
12 - Computer Network
13 - Linear algebra and geometry
III° Year IV° Year
14 - Mobile Application Development
15 - Operative research
16 - Computer security
17 - Telecommunication systems
18 - Object-oriented programming
19 - Marketing corporate communication
20 - Virtualization of IT infrastructure
21 - Decision support systems
22 - Robotics
23 - Information technology law
24 - Home Automation
25 - Industrial automation


Giammarco Cesari

Software engineering

Elena Repman


Nina Ogureeva


Giuseppe Chiocci

Computer Architecture

Giuseppe De Paolis

Operating systems